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Posts are locked. [Jul. 8th, 2005|12:14 am]
The Shadow Diaries

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THE SHADOW DIARIES is a futuristic fantasy where seven ancient and magical clans secretly control our world's resources. We follow two of these clans: Smoke (law enforcement) and Shadow (world crime), who are locked in a subtle but complex struggle to gain control.

The first chapter is the story of SET -- a bounty hunter who has a loose association with the Smoke Clan. When she's called by a mysterious figure known only as THE MANAGER to "bring in" a captain from the Shadow Clan (SPIDER), she has no idea that it will be a major turning point in her life. The second and third chapters ultimately resolve the deep grudge someone has acquired for Set in the first film.

An unusual blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and kung fu, The Shadow Diaries stars Krista Cabanas, David Thanphilom, Christine Day, and Renee Ragaza-Miller.

It is produced by Radio Tribe Productions in Seattle, WA and is directed by Shawn Miller.
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